Tim and Jeff on the Isle of Manhattan
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Brolly and are
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Tim's First Gigs in NYC took place here at the Night Owl in Greenwich Villagei n April of 1966
Tim played the Fillmore East 3 times. As a matter of fact, Tim performed on opening night Friday, March 8, 1968. He was
the second act. Janis and Big Brother went on first. He later played there in May and October of that same year.
This is the corner view of where the old
Fillmore East used to stand.
This building use to house the  Balloon
and later, the Electric Circus on St.
Mark's Place in the East Village. Downstairs
beneath the Electric Circus was Andy
Warhol's Club called
La Dom. Tim opened
there for Nico.
The Electric Circus and The Dom were
located two and a half blocks from the
Fillmore East and two blocks from
This was the entrance to
The Dom, as we New
Yorkers called it.
As you can see, this store front was never
really designed to be used for public
entertainment. But somehow, this tiny store
was transformed into a  music venue that gave
us Jeff's first live recording.
Sine' located on St. Mark's Place
between Avenues A and B is now the
home of the
House Of Trance.
Down the block from the
House Of Trance stands the
Mojo Guitar Shop. I
wonder where it got it's
name from.
The spot where Max's once flourished.
I love this place. It's called Stephen Talkhouse. It's named after a Long Island Indian. It's located far, far from NYC in
Amagansett, on the eastern end of Long Island. Brooklyn Heights is located at the western tip of Long Island and Montauk
Point is the eastern tip of Long Island. Amagansett is not too far from Montauk. It is also pretty near to Sag Harbor where
Jeff and the band stayed for a while in an effort to come up with some new ideas. I didn't take these pictures, but I have
seen Richie Havens perform there. Jeff performed there on June 14, 1994.
Irving Plaza - 17 Irving Plaza,
Gramercy Park, NYC. Jeff played
there December 17, 1994.
The Mercury Lounge -217 East Houston Street (Corner of Avenue
A). It's eight blocks away from
Sine'. Jeff performed there December
31, 1995. That had to be a great New Year's Eve for some lucky
patrons. He also played there on May 4th, 1996.
Another lovely edifice - CBGB is located in the Bowery
section of lower Manhattan, not too far from the East Village.
When I took this picture, it was just after Joey Ramone had
passed away.  Jeff played here October 19, 1994.
Arlene Grocery is located on the edge of Little Italy and Chinatown.
It's within walking distance of the Mercury Lounge. Jeff played there
February 9th and 11th in 1997.
the last
live in
The following images are scenic shots taken from the promenade along the
edge of Brooklyn Heights. It almost seems like you could throw a coin
across the East River and reach downtown Manhattan. These are some of
the sights that Jeff Buckley, and anybody else for that matter, would have
seen while taking a stroll or just resting and reading when sitting on a bench.
At the North end of The Promenade is the Brooklyn Bridge.
Behind the Brooklyn Bridge and off to the left is NYCity Hall.
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This would be where the
front entrance was located.
This is where the famous Ratners
use to stand, right next door to
the Fillmore.
These two black & white photos were taken by Bill Graham's unofficial house photographer, Amalie R. Rothschild. I lifted these
images from Amalie's wonderful book entitled
Live At The Fillmore East-A Photographic Memoir 1999 Thunder's Mouth Press.
Fillmore East was located at the corner of Sixth Street and Second Ave in the East Village. Amalie began taking pictures in
April of 1969. She didn't take pictures on opening night when Tim performed with Janis Joplin  and Albert King.
The Corporate Skies Of
Greed And Exploitation
The Wollman Skating Rink in Central Park was where I saw and heard
Tim Buckley for the first time in 1967. Linda Ronstadt was the opening act
 He played there again in 1973 on the same bill as Blood Sweat & Tears.
This is the same place at night in the Summertime .
Schaefer Beer sponsored the concerts back then.
This is Philharmonic Hall at Lincoln Center For The Performing
Arts. Tim's March 14, 1969 concert was quite a momentous
These are Interior shots of this
prestigious hall. Notice the
beautiful red velvet seat cushions
This is the World famous Carnegie Hall. It is
located on West 57th Street and Seventh
Avenue. Tim headlined here in October of 1969.
These dolphins were in front of an antique
shop across from Carnegie Hall. How could
I miss taking a picture of this sculpture?
Do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?...
Practice, practice, practice.
This painting depicts the gala grand opening performance
at Carnegie hall in 1851.
Max's Kansas City, 213 Park Avenue South.
New York City is divided into five boroughs {Brooklyn,Queens,Staten Island,Bronx and Manhattan}This is an aerial view of
downtown Manhattan. That's Battery Park in the foreground with all the dark trees. Next to Battery Park are the ferry
docks that house the Staten Island Ferries.This tip of the isle is the home of the Financial Center and the New York Stock
Exchange. On the right side, or East side of the island, is the East River which separates Manhattan from Brooklyn. On the
left,or west side of the island, is the Hudson River which separates New York from New Jersey. Those are  the Twin
Towers on the left and the building with the red asterisk on the right is where I worked in 1969 and 1970.
That's the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. This is the outer
boundary of the Brooklyn Heights section of New York City.
When Jeff Buckley landed in New York, this is the
area he came to first. It is a lovely historical
neighborhood consisting of brownstone houses
situated on narrow streets that are lined with apple
 and cherry blossom trees.
On Montague Street you will find Saint Ann's Episcopal Church.
This was the site for the Tribute Concert held in honor of Tim Buckley.
If you notice the facade of the building to the
right of the deli is the same as the facade in
the picture of Max's back in the seventies.
The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, Lower Manhattan.  Jeff performed there November 1, 1991 and March 13, 1991
with Gods and Monsters, in April 1992 with John Zorn, on August 13, 1992(solo), and February 4, 1997 (solo). The place
use to be an old knitting factory. I went inside but a pinhead with blue hair wouldn't let me photograph the empty stage.
Fez under Time Cafe', 380 Lafayette Street, Manhattan. This area lies in the middle of  Greenwich Village, The East Village,
and SoHo. Jeff performed here July 23, 1993, September 4, 1993, and June 17th and 18th of 1994. Since the club is
underground and right next to the subway, you can here the trains coming and going just as if you were on the waiting
platform. They say that Jeff's spirit visits now and then. I saw Amy Correia perform there once and after she finished singing
Blind River Boy, she got a shock from her mic stand and then there was a high pitch feedback from her amp. I think Jeff was
playing with her head. Oh that's right, the song isn't about Jeff. Okay.
This attractive establishment is called Wetlands. It's located at 161 Hudson Street, just
south of Greenwich Village and north of Tribecca. Jeff played there January 12, 1994
This is a map of New York State. At the bottom of the map sits
New York City and Long Island.

A = Manhattan Island

B = Brooklyn (I was born there and I lived there for 28 years
until 1977 when we moved to Suffolk County on Eastern L.I.)

C = Jack's house in Lindenhurst Village, Babylon, New York.

D = Amagansett, Long Island. This is the home of Stephen
Talkhouse .

E = Montauk Point, Long Island. One of the many borders of
the United States of America. When you jump into the Atlantic
Ocean off the tip of Montauk, you actually leave the continent
of North America until you swim back.
Irving Plaza Coming Events Bulletin
Roseland - 239 West 52nd Street - off
Broadway - just ten blocks from Times
Square. Jeff played there June 2, 1995
and June 6, 1995.
Back Dowtown to one of the places where Jeff would go to play pool.